Camp-cation 2015–Part 4

IMG_0947I awoke with the sun on Thursday (a typical thing when I’m camping). This time, instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, I forced myself out of bed to bake fresh biscuits…

My Aunt had contributed a #10 can of sausage gravy, and we were planning to put it to use! When things were almost ready, I rang the meal bell vigorously, and called out to the different parties in camp. I was successful in getting most to the table by the time breakfast was served. My brother (pitching his tent a little further away) was unable to be raised, so I had to re-heat their gravy.IMG_0948

Our communal fridge had started stinking from the smell of leaking propane, so I applied some soapy water to determine the fault. Unfortunately, it was the shutoff valve, and not easily replaced. I took pictures and measurements, so as to come prepared next season. I lit the leak to find it was barely enough to sustain flame. For the time being, I blew it out, and made sure it had plenty of ventilation.

IMG_0868We set out to the Lake of the Woods a little over an hour away. This scenic lake has campgrounds, resorts, summer camps, swim areas, and all sorts of recreational opportunities. (But no public showers for sale…) Our destination was the Rainbow Bay Day Use Area, where each vehicle can enjoy a whole day of swimming, picnicking, and flush-toilets for only $5.IMG_0881

We brought along a cooler full of lunch stuff, the dogs, and plenty of camp dirt & grime. The swimming area is roped off from vehicles, but we found several kayak and paddlers who ignored it. The water was warm and shallow, gradually deepening to about 8 ft or so. Dogs were prohibited from the swim area, but that didn’t stop others from doing it. My mom got her feet wet, and even my Aunt ventured waist-deep into the waters! This brought me great joy and relief, as she has some disabilities that might discourage a less-brave person…

IMG_0919The kids passed out on the way back to Klamath Falls, which gave me some much-needed peace & quiet. We were back in time to meet up with a new acquaintance that I’ll call ‘Bob.’ You see, Bob had stopped that fateful night, as I was crawling up the expressway with my trailer and flashers on. He indicated that he had just demolished an old tent trailer, and would be willing to sell or part it out, if I were interested. I wrote down his name and number for later. I called him the following day to broker a deal. He would retrieve my trailer, and do his best to weld/repair the axle for the sum of $100 cash.IMG_0932

I wasn’t disappointed, as he had split a 4ft length of square tubing to weld around the rusted out axle! He let me fill my water barrel from his garden hose, and seemed amenable to rendering such aide in the future. My trailer was fixed, my water problems solved, I was in a pretty good mood at this point. I stopped off at a couple stores for supplies, and headed back to camp.

IMG_0934We spent the evening playing games, doing dishes, and starting to pack. My mom BBQ’d some chicken breasts, and I made my dutch oven peach cobbler. As average as it may be, my family always looks forward to, and raves about it. I only had enough peaches for a single batch, which was barely enough to go around.

Folks went to bed early that night, as every other party was leaving the next day. My adventure wasn’t over, though, so come back for one more post, and feel free to checkout the pictures…


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