June Fun in the Sun

IMG_0408Alright folks, I’m gonna break tradition a bit and go back in time, to post about some activities in the past. There’s some fun we had in June that didn’t get blogged about, in the haste to go on vacation. Continue after the break for fishing & a car show!

’Twas early June, and time for the annual ‘Free Fishing’ weekend in Oregon. Since I don’t get out fishing much, I wrestle with the cost of a license every year. (I had also been waiting to renew my Driver’s License, until a birth certificate came in.) This time was worry free, as no license is required on that weekend. The kids had brought their cousin along, and we all ventured out to Kinney Lake.

IMG_0411Kinney Lake is one of my favorite spots to fish. It’s still close enough to the breath-taking Wallowa Mountains, yet out of town just enough for some peace and quiet. The sunsets here are spectacular!

IMG_0433We tried differing sorts of bait, but I had no worms or corn with me. The winning combination this day was a salmon egg with shrimp-flavored marshmallows. I caught the only keeper of the day. However, the kids had their fun just playing around, and my daughter found a cute critter making its home in a rock-jack.

I’ll put that gallery in now, so we can move on to the car show!

The following weekend was the Oregon Mountain Cruise, an annual car show in Joseph. Sometimes we get precipitation, but it’s usually beautiful weather. This year, we had some chip-sealing to frustrate the participants, but otherwise it was bigger and better than ever. If classic car owners are looking for a photo opportunity, it’s hard to beat the Wallowa Mountain backdrop!

This blog post also marks the introduction of a new chapter in my life, as I introduce a romantic partner. I started this blog after separating from my wife of 7+ years, as a means to allow family members to ‘keep in touch.’

After over 6 months of ‘dating’ things are more serious, progressing, and I’ve obtained her permission to be blogged about. While hers may change, I’ve decided to assign ‘codenames’ to her 3 kids, as follows:

  • Princess (the oldest girl)
  • Mr Cheezy (the boy)
  • Lil Pill

IMG_0445As such, it wouldn’t be nice to call the others ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ so I hereby dub them: TBear & Queen Marie.

Getting back to the story, the older kids weren’t here, so we ventured without them. This was nice, and one of the first things I got to “do” with her kids. (They had met me in other, brief encounters.) They close main street for the event, and we walked up one side of the street, trying to remember our favorites. She seemed to like the “Rat Rods” the most, Princess liked the sparkly one, and Mr Cheezy was a fan of several shiny restorations.IMG_0488

One kind fellow was gracious enough to let Princess try on his Austin Healey. She was thrilled, of course, as most every vehicle was “look, don’t touch!” We stopped and got popsicles on the return trip down the other side of the street, while Lil Pill slept in the stroller. This was interrupted by the awesome band that started some good, old-time rock ‘n’ roll. She was startled at first, but soon was groovin’ to the music.

We placed our votes, and had lunch at the R&R drive-in before heading home. It was a glorious day, and a nice activity for the kids and I. Enjoy the photos, and I’ll catch you on the next post!


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