Pursuing Paintball–Part 1

IMG_1872Plans had been laid for months, it was time for friends from far and wide to converge for a paintballing campout!

I’ve made some friends over the years that have moved away, so last year we got together for a Geekout (that’s what I call geeks camping) and decided to repeat this year. To increase participation, it was easiest to host where most of us still reside, Wallowa County. Here, we had scouted many venues and laid provisions to have an epic paintballing experience.IMG_1871

Friday night, we headed out to a little Forest Service campground. Unfortunately, forest fires were raging, so air quality was awful and fires were banned EVEN in campground pits. We didn’t let this deter us, so I brought my BBQ, stove, & a friend had a propane patio fireplace. At one point, we were buzzed by a military jumbo jet, railing through the canyon at super-low altitude. We were far from the fires, so we figured it must have been training.

IMG_1881With our loosely coordinated food plan, I offered up ka-bobs with 4 different marinades, which were a huge hit. Our furthest friend canceled, and the other pulled in a little late. We sat around a talked by our fake fire before hitting bed. I learnt my lesson after the last trip, and had brought along an air mattress to try out. I found that I can, indeed, sleep in a tent after all. I still miss my camper, though. My gear was very unorganized without a home…

The morning rose crisp (and still smoky) while each party prepared their own meals. We geared up, and scouted out our location. Finding others nearby, we relocated a little further from our intended battleground. Without much open ground, the play would be slower, with 3 on 3 games of elimination in the woods. IMG_1887

Two rounds in, the sprinkles turned to rain, so we decided to go back to camp for lunch. On our way, this rain became a downpour. Good thing we were headed back, right? Meanwhile, the wives at camp had diligently been saving things from the sudden storm. We were standing around under my canopy, when someone realized my tent windows were still open. It was too late, our bedding was soaked. It was wet, windy, & (without fire) there was no way to dry things out. With my friends safe in their RVs, it really pained me to call it quits, but I didn’t have much choice.

IMG_1901One guy decided to stay, and the rest of us agreed to meet at my house for dinner & games! While I wasn’t planning on hosting a party, it would be nice to break the place in. Birdy & kids joined us, so it was certainly a full house with 7 kids, 2 dogs, & 6 adults. We played a new party game while the kids watched a movie. A few went home, and we had birthday cake & played Munchkin until bed time.

One friend camped out front, so I invited them in for a big breakfast. We had similar ingredients, so we just made a ‘thing’ of it. We all work in IT, so we always enjoy good shop talk and Wi-Fi. All-in-all, it was a pretty great weekend, but with one more problem… IMG_1900

Since we only got 1/2 a day of paintballing, I had all this extra paint. I still have a full CO2 bottle & fill station, too. The kids had a blast stepping up to the semi-auto markers. So much so, that Queen Marie declared that she wanted to go paintballing for her birthday in September. “Well,” I thought, “problem solved.”

Stay tuned for the second installment, which isn’t likely to publish until October.


2 responses to “Pursuing Paintball–Part 1

  1. So what are semi-auto markers?

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