Winter is Coming…

IMG_2171In my neck of the woods, spring and fall feel very brief, summer is so busy it flies by, and then there’s winter. While I enjoy the  snow-capped mountains, I fear the impending halt to all my home improvement efforts. Today’s post relays my more recent attempts to get things done, before it’s too late…


As is often the case, life is full of surprises. There’s a local merchant who deals in used/consigned/wholesale/salvage items, and they recently got in a few units of plywood. I was itching & dreaming of re-finishing the attic, and this provided the scratch. Instead of putting money in savings (like a good boy) I spent my monthly allotment on 3/4” plywood @ $13.50 each!

IMG_2172My house had an upstairs (once upon a time), which was removed. The flooring was sold for restoration of a nearby rail depot, and the narrow stairway created a closet & hallway. The space is all framed in, complete with old window, it just needs brought back to life. My thought was that if I could get them in the attic, they could dry and acclimate over the winter.

I had TBear help me unload the sheets one-by-one. This took some trial and error, as I had to show him how. It occurred to me that there are many common-sense skills I can impartIMG_2170 to him, so I was motivated to do so.

I had him work on filling in the trench as I hoisted sheets onto the back roof. We had to take out both sections of the window, as the interior access was not large enough. Using the old and new weather head boots, I was able to get 4 sheets to hold still with each batch. We would then take to the ladder, and transfer them inside. I took this opportunity to teach my son ladder safety techniques. The attic is filled with blown-in cellulose, so we employed snow shovels to skim off just what lies above the rafters.

IMG_2177Once we got the plywood put up, we had a few more sheets for the shop. It had gotten cluttered, and was a pain to put away. While I knew what to do about it, I proposed a problem for TBear to solve. Where could we store this large new ice chest we got? He properly identified a good place for a new shelf, which we proceeded to build. He also came up with the idea of using some exposed studs to store reclaimed IMG_2178boards!

After that, I concluded that he had been tortured enough, so I let him go play some video games for a change. However, I continued doing what I found fun.

IMG_2186I started by unpacking some boxes I obtained from yard sales, containing ‘shop junk’ like saw blades, locks, nails, bolts, etc. Reusing some lumber I pulled out of the house, I created shelves between the studs around my bench. These I filled with all my “new to me” knick knacks.IMG_2182

I built an arm to hold the 150’ of new hose I bought this summer, and put it all away. Lastly, I turned my saw station 90 degrees, so the void faced the traffic areas. I installed a shelf in this, and used it to store clamps, sanding stuff, & reciprocating saw. There was even space for scraps underneath! Someday, I hope to build a nice work bench surface, but this still does the job.

With wood in the attic, hoses in the shop, & summer toys put up, I can now start looking forward to winter. Until next time, take care!



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