Farewell 2015!

IMG_1165The last month has been such a blur, I forgot to blog about it! To finish off the year, what follows is the remainder of our Christmas season.

With tree in place, I had to take some time off to make TBear’s concert, which was on a workday afternoon 90 minutes away. It was worth it, as he had a few different parts! The trouble here was that a large, dark auditorium makes for terrible photography…IMG_1146

The following weekend things got real festive, as we decorated the tree, and hung our stockings. This was when Enterprise puts on its “Winterfest” celebration, so we decided to pull out all the stops.

First we walked downtown and ran into Frosty the Snowman. Next, we stopped in to see Santa, and sip some hot chocolate. Warmed up inside and out, we ventured out for a hay ride. It was about this time we really noticed the icy wind-chill that was creeping in.

IMG_1203On our return, we patronized the City Fire Department by buying a round of chili. While it was yummy, and had some spice, it couldn’t compete with mother nature, so we had to stop in at the local bakery to warm up with dessert. This equipped us to go back out, where the kids took turns on barrel rides. IMG_1210

Finally, we topped off the night watching the parade go by. It was quite breezy by then, and if it weren’t for those burn barrels, I don’t think there would have been such a large crowd!

IMG_2413We had a good snowfall leading up to Christmas, so TBear was able to earn some extra money shoveling a parking spot for Grandma Nini. He also squeezed in the creation of “Al Capone-man” complete with hat and cap-gun.

With little time remainingIMG_1414 before the big day, I supervised TBear while he made some last-minute gifts out in the shop. It was a bit chilly, so I got to try out my new propane-fueled space heater. The IMG_148080,000 btu torch was very effective, but also very loud.

Grandma Nini’s arrival heralded a week of crafts, board games, and banishment of diets! We had a nice dinner at Birdy’s. (Whoa, meeting the parents… always a big step, but it went swell!)

Birdy brought the kids over on Christmas, where we had a proper holiday meal. I bought the biggest bird I could find, and we dubbed the 24+ pound monstrosity “Bird-Zilla.” While I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, my attention to basting, time, and temperature yielded the best turkey in memory. Everyone remarked on its moist tenderness, filling me with quite a sense of pride. IMG_1556

IMG_1561The kids did the typical “Tear & Share” routine, while the adults enjoyed the lull that comes from their attention to all the new things. Lego sets were built, models assembled, etc. as we soaked it all in.

Grandma Nini rendered some of the leftovers into a delicious turkey soup. I had to deliver TBear to his mom’s house, so we decided to coordinate our departure to the interstate by catching a showing of the new Star Wars movie!

Whew, all caught up! Now I realized I could have taken my time and gone into much more detail, but I feel that it’s a little too late for that. Besides, I’ve got new things going on all the time, so stay tuned, and enjoy the pictures!

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