A Photo Expedition

IMG_0144This weekend we made sure to charge all the cameras, and empty their storage, as we ventured out for some winter photography…

First, let me frame this by saying that we are not photographers, nor have we an amateur training on the subject. (Would love to some day.) This was less like a photo-shoot, and more like an excuse to get out of the house! Circumstances were such that we only had the oldest and youngest of kids this weekend, so Birdy and I planned an elaborate scheme….IMG_2497

It wouldn’t be too hard to bundle up Lil’ Pill and stick her in a backpack, so photography was to capture the teenager’s interest. I had the truck loaded for a fun-filled day in the woods. We’d head out while there was lots of light, pause to warm ourselves with dinner, and if the sky was clear, do some star-gazing!

IMG_2493Yep, I had it all figured out, so god must have been laughing… The truck was loaded, waiting for the signal that the baby was waking from its well-timed nap. It was at this point I found out the truck batteries were completely dead. After breaking the news to Queen Marie & Birdy, I found that while they went along with my ambitious plan, they’d be very content with a much scaled-down version. Birdy even suggested I “wing-it.” I conceded, and we headed to our beautiful, local, Wallowa Lake.IMG_2465

We walked down the lakeshore, admiring the snowy scene. The overcast conditions obscured our view of the mountains, and any hope of direct sunlight. The winter had been mild this year, leaving no ice on the lake. The sounds of trickling water filled the silence as we paused to admire the stark landscape. I pointed out the eagle’s nest, and started to get a little silly as the snow fell.

IMG_0154We went back to my place, ending the day with dinner & a movie. In the end, it mattered little what plans and preparations were made, as we had fun, and got some time together.







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