Another “Fix It” Weekend!

IMG_2544The kids’ visit was cancelled unexpectedly, so I took the opportunity to get some stuff done!

First on the list was my truck. Driving home late from the ECX Sled Dog Race made me realize one of my high-beams was out. I picked up a pair of bulbs at the local Napa. It turns out that my truck was the last year they were a real pain in the rear to change, yay. I had to remove the plastic grill housing, then each set of headlights had 4 bolts before I could get to the bulbs. IMG_2543(I didn’t stop to take pictures on this project.)

With all that effort, I thought I’d try polishing the lenses too. I let the batteries charge all day, and I was able to fire it up in time for dinner at Birdy’s. (Her Mom was visiting, so we had a nice chat.) The trip home allowed me to see an improvement in the lights, but my attempts to check their alignment ended in frustration.

IMG_2540I had a dining room chair whose back had broken, so that was on the list too. In this design, the screws eventually fall out of the seat, allowing the back to be pushed rearward. When that happens, the plastic plugs attaching the top to the vertical poles snaps, and the back falls right off.

I started by removing the old, glued-in plugs by tapping them with a hex screw. This gave me a grip from the center, much like removing a cork from a fine bottle of wine. I replaced these with wooden dowel plugs from my local hardware store, and some Gorilla Glue. I haven’t yet tested its durability.IMG_2541

Lastly, I had some electronics to contend with. You see, when someone offers to give me equipment that I desire, it’s hard to turn down only because it needs repair. However, I do eventually get sick of stuff not working. Today’s example is my home theater system. It’s an RCA RT2300. It would keep shutting off, but sometimes work after repeated coaxing. With a little research, I learned this was common, and sometimes resolved my re-seating the leads to thermistors and protection circuitry. When that didn’t help, I gave up, 2 hours was all the time I could stand. Thereafter, I ordered a newer unit!

IMG_2548Next was a projector whose bulb had been replaced. Having run some tests, it wasn’t salvageable either, so it’ll be headed to the e-waste recycler as well. With my remaining time, I played a little with receiving pictures over my HF radio, and stitching some home videos together before loading them in my Plex media center, and spending another dinner with Birdy & kids.

I’m enjoying collecting all these memories for easy access, so I think I’ll focus on that during my weeknights. Until next time, I’m hoping you can find ways to feel productive too!


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