Easter, etc…

IMG_0190Spring is different for many people. Around here it means you’ll want to leave your winter coat at home, but inevitably regret it.

We started with Dr. Suess night with Birdy’s kids. The elementary teachers had each prepared activities and snacks in their rooms, and we got to tour and experience them all. From matching and math games to red & white striped ice cream treats, the kids had quite a lot to entertain them. In the end we were greeted with a gorgeous sunset! (Pictures at the end…)


IMG_0224Soon thereafter, we got to attend another academic/family event. We cut out and made flowers, writing on the pedals, things that remind us of spring. Then they each got to plant some seeds they picked out.

One convenience of Birdy’s kids, is that they’re similar in age-range to a close friend of mine, so we often end up at the same events.

IMG_0233Birdy’s Birthday was coming up, so I prepared corned beef & cabbage for dinner. I had stayed up late the night before preparing my Grandmother’s dirt cake recipe. (While crushed Oreos give the illusion of dirt, like others, the creamy rich filling is the real feature.) It was a humongous hit, as usual, and had the kids savoring every gummy worm. I even picked up some flowers to stick in the pot!

As two single & divorced parents, dating can be very complicated. We would arrange time whenever we could, and it was very sporadic at first. Once the kids were introduced, we found that more structure was needed, andIMG_0266 implemented a scheduled night.

On “Family Night” I come over and do normal family stuff like homework, dinner, and bedtime stories. We get together more often when we can, but that gives the kids something stable to count on. After burning through all my children stories, we’ve moved on to chapter books, the first being Swiss Family Robinson.

Spring Break / Easter:

IMG_0283While not my ‘scheduled’ year, the kids were offered to me over Spring Break. On principal, I always strive to take advantage of such opportunities. This year’s break ended with Easter weekend. I chose a couple ways to disrupt my tweens’ craving for electronics.

Chores: With my tax return, I had a company remove my spruce which was getting dangerous, and grind down the other 3 stumps too. This left me lots of chips for the kids to distribute, while supplying a friend with some fuel for next winter.IMG_0277

Cooking: I challenged each kid to find a recipe for us to try. It would be a competition for the cheapest & best tasting option. In the event of a tie, the ‘easier’ meal would prevail. Queen Marie found a taco-pocket pastry. It was the least expensive at $14.50 but didn’t yield much. The taste was okay, but nothing to write home about. TBear picked a crockpot chicken queso dip. While it cost $19.50 to prepare, it produced several meals of volume. It was SO delicious, and unanimously awarded the tastiest dish. I had to break the tie, and picked the queso for it’s lower effort.


Holiday Fun: We got all 5 kids together to color the Easter eggs, employing the full arsenal of both our egg kits. Crayons, wraps, stickers, nothing was spared. We did about 3 dozen, the amount that fit in the single soup pot we used. We also managed to squeeze in a living room dance party!

Every year there’s a few Easter Egg hunts put on throughout the area. We went to the one at the Joseph City Park. They had three age groups with separate locations, and we had kids in each one!IMG_0335

Queen Marie was enlisted to accompany Princess and MrCheezy, TBear was on his own, Birdy walked IMG_0314with Lil Pill, and I was strategically located to take pictures/footage of all three. They all scored well, with lots of loot in their baskets. As a recurring event, they have the kids empty and return the plastic eggs for future use.

My kids found that the Easter Bunny was pretty crafty about hiding their baskets, and it took a while for them to be found. Within they found not only the standard sugary stuff, but a new set of sheets too!IMG_2570

Well folks, that just about caught me up! Next time I’ll start the weekend after Easter, and embark on the start of my biggest project so far…

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  1. stephanie smith

    You are the most awesome dad. Great post.

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