Bathroom Remodel–Part 1


While this may be the first of several posts regarding my bathroom remodel, there’ll be other happenings thrown in too, so don’t miss out!

The bathroom in my 3-bed, 1-bath is 8.5x13ft. Enough for a luxurious setup, however my bathroom is anything but. I decided to make more efficient use of the space, and turn it into two small bathrooms. Sure, this will increase the home’s value, but I was more focused on how much easier the future might be if my growing family had 2 instead of 1!IMG_2572

All good executions start with planning, and my project was no different. (Though the verdict may be delayed on the quality of my job.) I measured the room, tub, toilet, etc. I researched new fixtures (measurements, prices) and sketched a mock-up of my solution. I laid down masking tape on the floor, showing the future layout, and asking Birdy’s opinion on all of it.

Budget in hand, I waited patiently for the first nice weekend of spring. It takes me 2+ hours to get to a home IMG_2575improvement store, and I couldn’t risk my sheetrock investment getting ruined by rain or road-spray. I decided to drive 30 minutes longer to visit the Hermiston Home Depot, as they were in my state, had a better selection, and didn’t make me traverse two winding canyon roads to get there! (I could also pick up my kids on the way back…)

Upon my arrival, I applied for a Home Depot card. I have cash enough for the whole project, but with everything else on my plate, I figured I would take advantage of the no-interest period, while increasing my amount of total credit available. With a credit score in the 700’s and a solid middle-class income, I was disappointed at the $750 credit line. “I plan to spend more than that today,” I said.  Undeterred, I filled my cart with:

  • Twenty 10’ 2×4’sIMG_2579
  • Eight 4×8’ 1/2” sheetrock
  • Two 8’ 4×4’s (for another project)
  • 5 pounds of screws and nails
  • ABS Tee and P-trap fittings
  • ABS pipe
  • PEX pipe, crimper, and fittings
  • Nail plates
  • 2 Window Wells
  • Antifreeze for a friend
  • Drywall tape & compound
  • Vanity light fixture
  • Shower valve & head set

The only other troubling item was the shower. My layout required a square model, and my measurements indicated that a 36” variety would suit best. They had a one-piece on display with a huge hole broken out, so I opted for the 5-piece kit. The 36” pieces were out of reach on the higher shelves. The poor lawn-and-garden lady was having a heck of a time trying to get an associate who was qualified to run the lift required. In the 30 minutes it took to get someone, we discovered another 36” one-piece shower which was also stored out of reach. Eventually we got someone to retrieve it, saving me $60 over the kit, and it’ll be much easier to install!

IMG_2580After checking out, an associate followed me out to the truck where we carefully loaded and secured my $841.90 worth of supplies. The winds and forces of the interstate stood no chance against my 4 ratchet straps! I picked the kids up and we grabbed a quick dinner before boogying home to unload that night. As you can see, there’s not much room left in my garage…

Birdy had found a deal on a second-hand vanity/mirror & toilet set, so that gave my budget some room. I was also relieved that I didn’t have to add those to my already complex load!IMG_2581

The kids turned out to be sick that weekend, and the weather picked back up, so we spent the rest of it playing games and watching movies. Stay tuned, though, as in the next post I begin demolition and put those materials to work!


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