Bathroom Remodel–Part 2

IMG_2602Demolition gets underway in part two…

IMG_2582To make room for the second bathroom, I needed to remove the built-in storage unit. I hadn’t considered where I would put the hoard of stuff I had stored there. For the time being, I just piled it in other places. I removed the cupboard doors, saving all the hardware, then removed the plywood base.

As it was coming apart, I decided to keep the shelves intact. I relocated them around the corner in the kitchen. While this was the Easter Bunny’s hiding spot for Queen Marie’s basket, it would now store my towels, linens and other stuff!IMG_2588

With the bathroom ready for new stuff, I focused the rest of my time on a few other nagging items. I fixed a flat tire in Princess’ bike, and aired up our bike tires too. I dug out one of my basement windows to install one of the new wells. I hadn’t thought to measure them, but it turns out with a little flattening the wells could be stretched to accommodate. IMG_2597

It was a possibility that Birdy and the kids might drop by, so I wanted to be prepared with something we could cooperate on. I settled on outlining a planter for a raised bed. My lilacs spread through the roots, and it sometimes gets fuzzy where they stop and lawn begin. By creating a bed, anything outside its border will be dealt with by the mower, which can now travel in a straight line. I threw in a little topsoil, but left the rest to fill in with fresh wood chips.IMG_2584

During the following week, I stopped by the County Planning Department. (This is where building codes are permitted, inspected, etc.) I “pulled” permits to cover the electrical and plumbing for the bathrooms, as well as some minor additions I plan to throw in. At the time, it equated to 24.7% of the amount spent on the project, ouch!

IMG_2598With permits active, I could start on the fun stuff, so next on the list was electrical. My current bathroom light is located in the center. While quite logical, that’s also where the wall will be, with the tub facing one room, and the shower the other. The first order of business was to move that light. IMG_2600

Locating and removing the old fixture was LOADS of fun, as my attic has blown-in cellulose over newspapers & who knows what. It was very messy up there, so I made sure to plug the old hole well. Thanks to a kind donation, I had a nice holesaw set to use for the new ceiling incision. There is a support wall in the attic, over the place I wanted the light to be, so it ended up slightly off-center. The old wire insulation was so brittle it literally crumbled at the touch, so I trimmed it back for the new location.

IMG_2604Having successfully isolated the old/current bathroom electrical, I made a hole for the new light in the rear room. IMG_2607This was more difficult, as it was near the edge of the house, so attic space was very cramped. By the time I was done, my muscles were quivering and both my batteries were dead. With the messy stuff mostly done, I took a break for lunch, helped a friend, and swung by the hardware store for a new box, which I installed promptly.

While I had figured out the route for the new branch circuit to feed the second bathroom, it was late in the sunny day, and I was done with attic worIMG_2606k. Instead, I tackled another quick task.

Birdy had found a decorative light fixture for me! Since my kitchen’s was missing its defusing shroud, I took the time to replace it. Its box was pulling out, and wires bare and brittle, so it was in need of attention anyway.

I planned to accompany Birdy to church that Sunday, but Lil’ Pill decided to take a nap at that time. Instead we filled that planter up with wood chips, and worked on other little landscaping tasks.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the post!


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