Reclaimed Countertops

IMG_0604The only thing worse than my retro metal cabinetry, are the original countertops. An opportunity allowed me to be rid of the cracked plastic and rust, for something a bit more upscale…

When I bought the house, I had no grand illusions that anything was up to date, but when I peeled back the contact paper to reveal my countertops, I found a cracked, chipped plastic from the 50’s. Worse, moisture had worked its way in and rusted the metal underneath.IMG_0768

With new countertops low on the priority list, I decided to try laying in some self-leveling concrete mix, then seal it to provide a workable surface. As luck would have it, something better came along. Someone was advertising granite, and other rock countertop pieces available, ‘make offer.’ I hoped they had a couple slabs that would fit.

As a general rule, used items should be 1/2 of new to be a deal for me. By square footage, that meant about $30 per chunk. The guy was happy with $20 a slab, as they cost him just time & gas. We found 2 matching pieces the right size, and an oval from an under-mount sink that I’ll use for a hot pad/cutting board.

IMG_0770Removing the tops took some persuasion, as the nuts were rusted pretty good. I used some WD-40 on the little bolts, and discovered some really old wall paper hiding behind the cupboard. Each piece was just a few inches larger than what it replaced, causing some overhang. Unfortunately, it’s not quite enough to saw off for a backsplash.IMG_0607

I ended up placing the old metal backsplashes at the rear for now, until I have a better plan. I’ve really enjoyed them for the past few weeks. Only trouble is, I don’t know how I could go back to a lesser product in the future…

Anyway, that’s one little thing checked off my list, better attend to the bigger ones too!


One response to “Reclaimed Countertops

  1. Looks great. That should give you pleasure every day.

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