Spring Fishing & Birthday

IMG_0412Ah, it’s spring time and the ponds are starting to turn with fish, ripe for the catching! (Thanks to ODF&W) In our family, this is one of our main spring past times, as there are still patches of snow that impede access to other locations. It also means a birthday for a certain someone…

IMG_0408Queen Marie wished to sleep in, so TBear and I left early for a trip to nearby Marr Pond. It was a serene experience (aside from the ducks) but we had no luck. The following day, we set out for Wallowa Lake. Scrambling down the bank, we nestled on the rocks. TBear’s short rod made it difficult for him to cast as far.

The water was like glass that day, and produced a gorgeous reflection of the surrounding mountains. The sun was bright, the air crisp, just when I thought it couldn’t get better, I caught a nice trout! I didn’t stop to measure, as the hook was just in the lip, and I was able to return him to the water after a quick snapshot.

IMG_0531In other news, I had been preparing for a birthday, TBear was turning eleven. This past Christmas, he had wanted (more than anything) the ARK: Survival video game for his computer. He didn’t get it, but did purchase it with money he received. Unfortunately, even MY computer wouldn’t run it well enough to play. (As an IT guy, this was a small slight to my pride.) Therefore, for his birthday, he wanted a new graphics card, so my computer would run his game.IMG_0501

However, I didn’t stop there. At my job, we take computers for recycling. Now the schools never get rid of anything worth a darn, but occasionally a private party drops of something with life left in it. I snatched one of those up and (with another payday) got the parts to make it capable of playing his game.

IMG_0477The big weekend came, and we had Birdy & the kids over for a party. As you can see, LilPill likes to keep me company sometimes… I was real busy that week, so I decided to buy a cake. I felt weird not making one myself, as this was the first time in 6 years since the divorce, however it was the one task I could easily outsource.

He was thrilled with some Lego-mugs from Grandpa, very excited to use the new fishing pole from Birdy, and thrilled when he saw the new graphics card. That is, until he found the box empty. (I’m such a tease!) I re-surprised him with the whole computer, but I had to be sure to get my money’s worth of joy…

IMG_0538TBear had a friend over too, so after cake and ice cream we went to the park. We played on the slides, we played on the swings, and we ran off all that sugar until we collapsed in a pile. I was very liberal and allowed him extra video game time for the rest of that weekend.


One response to “Spring Fishing & Birthday

  1. It truly is beautiful there. I’m happy to see you and the “family” having so much fun.

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