Bathroom Remodel–Part 5

IMG_0944I recover from the setback, and come up with a new plan for the bathroom!

Prevented from placing any plumbing in the 10” along one wall, I was forced to re-organize. I was not going to be able to fit the tub for one bathroom, and the shower for the other within the same wall. I was very disappointed, as I thought this was the most efficient use of space. Instead, I rotated the tub to another wall, and gave up some floor space in the public restroom. Consequently, the master bath will BathFloorPlanhave more space. (Darn, that’ll be hard to live with…)

To help explain, I created a simple little drawing. Objects staying put are in black, including a toilet and vanity. The original plan is in RED, where the two would share space, creating a wall. The new plan (in BLUE) shows the changes. The arrows indicate the open side of the shower. With the extra room, the master will be able to have a greater storage opportunities!

IMG_0960First, I had to tear down the lovely partition I had made, and relocate it. Next, I secured a sheet of drywall to it, and brought in the tub to push against it. This gave me the precise location of the new drain, so I drilled a hole. This matched up perfectly with the existing drain from the clothes washer!

Now, it was time to remove the door to the master bedroom. I removed the trim as carefully as I could, and found it prudent to cut the painted seams first! I installed a new stud, and placed some 3/4” plywood scraps on. This provided the backing needed to sheetrock in the bedroom side. With the scraps, I had TBear measure, cut & install the filler for his room, where I had turned the cadet heater into an outlet.IMG_0967 After he was finished, I did the same for my bedroom.

IMG_0963There were parts of a day where you have some time, but not enough to start the next step. Once, I decided to relocate my fishing poles, while TBear fixed a flat on his bike. With Birdy & kids joining us, I needed them more accessible, and placed them upright by my garage door.

My next small project was to create some storage. I have several kitchen appliances that are piling up, so I re-used plywood from the bathroom shelvesIMG_0947 to create one in the kitchen.

Normally, this is precisely what I had gotten my table saw for, however my shop is too crowded for such a task. Instead, I got to try out my new Kreg ripping jig, which worked great! With a few brackets and supports, it was done in no time. Now this stuff is out of reach, where seldom-used things belong!IMG_0952

I tried to employ my son as much as possible. He doesn’t always appreciate this, but neither did I. It was later in life that I realized how much I had learned from my Dad on those little projects.

Inevitably, there are times he can’t help me, so I come up with other ways to help out, that still allow him to build skills. Like removing all the nails from every board I take out. Whether I use them or not, he’s learning how to use those tools more each time.

IMG_0962My next challenge is ventilation. Since I will have this all inspected (and want it to work well) I really needed to solve a problem. You see, my 3” toilet is trying to suck air down a 1.5” vent pipe. Adding a shower will only make it worse. My other shower (and new toilet) also only have 1.5” to draw from, so I really need a full make-over.

More to come in my next installment, so hang in there!



One response to “Bathroom Remodel–Part 5

  1. How awesome that drain/vent was in the perfect place, amazing. You are such a great dad to take those experiences into account to see teaching moments. Good pictures. 🙂

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