Bathroom Remodel–Part 7

IMG_1153While related to the bathroom project, this post strays a bit…

Read on as I get new windows and several other nice upgrades!

It had been over two months since I had scheduled my new windows to be installed, and the anticipation was killing me! I had ordered and paid for new Milguard windows to replace the single-pane, non-opening picture windows that comprise the living/dining room areas. These were so old, they had all the waves that a hundred or so years will produce.IMG_1150 

Originally, this was to be my only project this summer, as I had no ventilation for the main living space, and no means of getting a cross-breeze to cool the house off. The bedrooms had old windows too, but at least they open. These also surround my oil furnace, so I’m hoping to gain some winter efficiency too.

IMG_1154Now many may say that this wasn’t a very thrifty choice, but hear me out. When weighing my options, it was worth 10-20% (to me) to buy local, and buy better quality. Fortunately, my local glass shop (Mountain View Glass) was well within that margin. The comparison wasn’t even fair, as I was comparing them with some poor store brands. That lifetime warranty, and personal service are worth it!

The decision for installation was made easier, as there was a state program for energy efficiency (based on oil heat) that will reimburse me for all but $100 of the cost. (Only if it’s installed and warrantied for 2 years by the contractor.) “Hmm, a can have a Pro do it for a $100, while I’m busy with other stuff?” a no-brainer for me!IMG_1157

I took the day off work, cleared the way, and cranked the tunes, it was a beautiful, mild day in the mid 70’s, so I couldn’t have planned it any better if I’d tried! While they were removing & replacing windows, I decided to clean up the wall I had tore up.

I used my Kreg ripping jig, and re-applied the pressboard and birch paneling on the living room side. Next, I did the same for the plastic fake-tile in the kitchen too. When the proper window had been removed, the friendly installers handed my shower through the hole. This passed through the (now opened) wall, so it can wait its turn in the kitchen.IMG_1177


Next, I used some 2×4 and drywall scraps to clean up the old doorway to the master bedroom. I’ll be creating a built-in shelf on one half, to hold toiletries, etc. Birdy had the great idea of making enough shelves for each kid, so that’s my goal.

The window guys had removed, installed, caulked, trimmed, and cleaned up by mid afternoon, leaving me nothing but satisfied. I had anticipated an improvement, but I underestimated the impact “windows” could have on my day-to-day life.

IMG_1065Moving on, Birdy had been on the lookout and found a pot rack for the kitchen. I had a spare evening, and decided to install it. I went to the hardware store and grabbed 4 screw-in hooks rated at 100 pounds each. Given that there’s 1” planking attached to the true-dimension rafters, I have no doubt that this thing will hold as many pots and pans as I can fit on it.IMG_1068

I wanted it high enough to not worry about bumping my 5’ 9” head on it. I experimented with my longest pan, and found that it needed to be pretty close to the ceiling. I placed the hooks about 4” away from the corners to take up the slack, figuring it might also make it more stable than hanging directly downward. While it turned out pretty good, I do notice that it pays to balance your items, to keep the rack from leaning to one side.

IMG_1191Lastly, I lured Birdy away from her house for a day, and we went down to the local “Wallowa County Nursery” on Fish Hatchery Lane. I was on a mission to learn about their stock of trees, and see what varieties would fit my needs. Terry was a wealth of knowledge and I went a way with lots of research to do before planting next spring. IMG_1199

While we were there, LilPill got to play while Birdy picked out a whole flat full of stuff to spruce up my place. The two of them worked diligently to place them in my barren beds, and back-fill with all the wood chips I’d saved.

I was busy moving on to the next stage of the project, but I’ll leave that for another day. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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