Bathroom Remodel–Part 8

IMG_1188Behind schedule now, I’m pausing less to take pictures to focus on the task at hand. Read on & I’ll catch you up on the last month of progress…

Unfortunately, the laundry lines are in the vicinity of my new vent pipe, so much experimentation was required, once I tore through the many layers in my bathroom floor. I drilled a pilot hole into the attic, only to find it was directly under my pile of plywood, so I spent half a day shoveling insulation, and moving that! With Birdy’s family in town, that summarizes one weekend.IMG_1209

With the vent pipe location figured out, I did the same for the tub drain. (Of course, that couldn’t be easy either.) I could then throw up some 2×4’s to hold the pipe and sheetrock.

IMG_1215Things were getting hot, so I was able to install my air conditioner in the new opening windows. However, I found I needed it a whole lot less now. I also was having a hard time keeping plants green, so I hooked up my new exterior hydrant using a PVC to PEX fitting. Those Sharkbite press-fit connectors aren’t cheap, but they’re easy, and work! Now I don’t have to unhook sprinklers to water plants.

Another side project was the built-in 20160826_193913shelves. I reclaimed some of the old rough-sawn wood for the back drop, and 1×4 pine for trim. After cutting everything & sanding it, I mixed up some linseed oil to coat them all with. There’s some tweaking to do on the shelves, but here’s a picture of it roughly assembled in place…

The hot water heater was directly below the vent & laundry hookups, and was in the way of connecting the new vent to existing pipes. Therefore, I drained it (one bucket at a time) and watered my plum tree in the process. I had to get heavier gauge wire before relocating it, further out of the way. I took this opportunity to put it up on pavers, instead of wood.

IMG_1704I mounted my new PEX manifold, and hooked the hot water and existing PVC system to it all on the same day. (It was a long one, I’ll admit.) My under-sized water main has two outputs, so the PVC and manifold currently have their own separate cold water inlet, though they share the same capacity.IMG_1722

With the hot water heater out of the way, I was able to connect all my sewer lines together, and connect to the vent. (I’m leaving the vertical piece unglued for the time being, as it’ll make the shower valve installation much easier. I also ran the hot & cold lines for that new shower, and fully installed the drain/plug.

IMG_1724Next stop, a new toilet. With careful measurement, I determined where the floor joists were, and marked them on top. I tried to locate the downpipe as close as I could. This will place the toilet close to a wall on one side, but otherwise isn’t too cramped. I decided to break out the big drill for this 4” holesaw. It was hot and stinky by the time I had worked through 4 layers of flooring materials. IMG_1720

I had an existing 4” line just under it, so I cut into that (pee yew!) and inserted a ‘whye’ fitting at the appropriate angle. I had wished to keep it simple on the toilet drain (to prevent problems) but had limited success. Then again, that’s why I installed a clean-out too!

I’ve called for rough-in inspections on my permits now, so (barring complications) progress should be swift!

Now I could have given a detailed story-telling of each step, but at this point, I just need it done. However, now that you (my readers) are all caught up on my home improvements, perhaps I can crank out a post on some the fun things I’ve been fitting in too!


2 responses to “Bathroom Remodel–Part 8

  1. still wondering what happened at the inspection

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