Braving Boise–Part 1

IMG_3343In this installment, we make the most of a trip to a big city by taking in the amenities of Boise, Idaho.

I may have only had one reason to go to Boise, but plenty of others to stay. My Friday morning appointment was months in the making, so we headed down Thursday afternoon. Both our kids were with the other parent (a rare occurrence) so we only had LilPill with us. It was over 4 hours of driving after a day of work, so we just relaxed and retired when we arrived at our motel.

Boise is an hour advanced, so we had to be quick with our breakfast. While I was busy, LilPill enjoyed exploring the office building, and keeping Birdy on her toes. IMG_3327

Our first detour was the Boise Aquarium. Nestled in a portion of a warehouse, they really maximized the space. For $10 an adult, it was economical, too. Making the loop counter-clockwise, we washed our hands, and immediately got our hands wet. (They sell food at the counter, but we skipped that attraction.)

IMG_3332Following the first touch pool was a wall of tanks, ornately placed along a rock-like face. I left my flash off, so forgive some of the dark photography. LilPill was particularly interested in the hermit crabs, and pointed them out in most of the tanks.IMG_3346

Next, we watched some amphibians. They had a neat decorated boat which was turned into a turtle habitat. There were also other tanks with water & beaches for warming.

Next was the ray & shark tank. We had circled around to wait for traffic to slow down, but once it was our turn, we could see what the commotion was all about. This was LilPill’s favorite exhibit. While it’s also a touching tank, the  occupants of this one were quite friendly. The rays would ‘fly’ through the IMG_3375water in patterns, and come by to be ‘petted’ by the kids. That was hard to move on from, but there was lots more to see!IMG_3404

There was another wall of smaller tanks we explored before seeing the large tank. They advise you to keep fingers clear of these fish, which were as big as our toddler!

We spent a few minutes in the theater room, where they were showing some educational videos. Here, we paused for a picture inside the shark’s mouth. (Gonna have to see the gallery for that, there’s just too many good pictures to fit here.)

IMG_3416Last up was a series of lizards, geckos, chameleons, & even tropical birds! There was one last ‘touchable’ feature towards the end, with differing layers of moving water, but we didn’t find anything in it. We browsed the souvenirs but were unable to find a commemorative magnet, so we skipped on that too.  In all, a very entertaining venue for children. If I did it again, I might wait for later in the afternoon, when it’s not so busy.IMG_3443

After all that excitement, it was time to refuel, so we went in search of unique cuisine not available where we live. We landed at Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar & Grill. This place had everything, swanky Japanese atmosphere, sushi, sake, reasonable rates, the works. Birdy and I both ordered a sushi roll, but I would have been satisfied off LilPill’s Bento Box. Luckily, she was happy to share.

I would continue, but I’ve got an album to include, so stay tuned next time to see what other mischief we got into!


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