An Eager Easter

IMG_3741In addition to holiday festivities, I get a jump on some to-do’s…

Spring is a fickle thing in Wallowa County. While it isn’t wise to put things in the ground until May, it’s awfully hard to wait. Those warm, sunny days draw you outside, so you have to do something! Recently, we found ourselves lizard-like in relaxation when it started snowing. I remarked to Birdy that it “wasn’t sunny and sixty up in the clouds.”20170405_185409

The weather report had called for terrible weather, so I got a head start the week before, installing a new stereo in the truck. (This could have been its own blog post, of course, but I was in a hurry!) I also swapped out my plastic center console, for a folding “jump seat.” Now we have enough seat belts for all the kids!

IMG_8117Friday night, I tore out a section of the old root cellar shelving. (Much of it is rotting, on bricks, set in piles of leftover coal crumbs. (I have no idea how long it’s been since they heated with coal, but the woodstove was taken out in the 80’s.) Saturday, I loaded this & other debris for a load to the local landfill.

We got the kids back Saturday night, and colored eggs. This year, Birdy had acquired a neat ‘Volcano’ themed coloring set. The kids really enjoyed the lab-science aspects of pipets, pastel cloves, etc. The results weren’t particularly amazing, though.IMG_3750

Sunday morning, the kids found that the Easter Bunny had been there. We had a relaxed breakfast, as the sun was working on the frost. The kids headed out front to follow the egg trail to the back yard. The eggs were quite elusive, so we didn’t get done in time for the church service.

IMG_3794Still wanting to get out in the sun (before slaving over dinner) we decided to go fishing. We dug up some worms, loaded the poles, and headed down to Marr Pond. It hadn’t been stocked yet, so there were just a couple large, smart brooders to tease us. It didn’t matter though, because the kids were excited, got to practice, and learned lots.

We returned, rested, and whipped up a big dinner. I executed the ham and homemade gravy, while Birdy managed the potatoes and other sides. It was a big hit with the kids as well as adults!

Now, it’s a good thing I got all that work done, because we gotta be ready for our next planned trip. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out how that turns out. See you next time!

One response to “An Eager Easter

  1. I knew you would be having fun having little ones to enjoy Easter fun. I was thinking about you. Almost called but it was too late.

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