Building Community–with a Playground–Part 2

20170428_142524Friday & Saturday the fun continues as I work on a new teams, & through Family night!

I was eager to get off work on Friday, as things were developing so fast. With so many teams of people working simultaneously, lots would get done in a single shift. It seems like every time you glanced up from your task, another thing was done. “Ooh, there’s a slide there now.” “Oh, they’re connecting those with a rope bridge…” “Ah, that’s gonna be a climbing wall…” It felt fast-paced, even though no one was rushing.20170428_190015

I arrived onsite with my usual equipment: impact driver, drill, tool belt, batteries, water bottle, bits, & a stool to hold anything not on the hip. It was overcast and cool, without too much drizzle. (Great weather for some hard work.)


I was paired up with Bob, and we ripped 2×6’s into three 2×2’s (cut to length) and routed on all edges to make 18 pieces. We affixed these as the wall of a tower (evenly spaced) with alternating 2×4’s. (see top-left picture) Once complete, we started on angled accent boards. 20170428_190020

Dinner time snuck up on me, and we paused for a wonderful collection of home-made soups,stews, and salads. Birdy & kids were serving, and I was proud to show them my work ethic. Unfortunately, TBear was kind of mopey. It was “Family Night” so I was looking forward to involving him, but his attitude was less than enthusiastic. I learned that Family Night consisted of kids spreading bark chips under their parents’ direct supervision. I decided to opt-out of this activity, and return to my project. Birdy, LilPill, & TBear participated for a bit, then went home and I finished around bed-time.


The day was bright & sunny, filling us all with good spirits. I had “out-dunnit” the day before, and was feeling the effects. However, it all went away as I got moving and motivated. I was paired with a couple nice ladies, and given to Nick for attaching bannisters. “Actually, how about you install this header instead.”

20170429_145455We worked to connect the rear/north entry poles with a level 2×12” header at a height of 80”. That sounded easy enough. Unfortunately (at 80” high) the header would stick up above the post on 1 side. I disagreed with a contractor on lowering the header, and was eventually told I could compensate by adding a 2×6 to the short post, as it was being covered with a cap anyway. I ended up cutting the tall one to match, and it turned out just fine.

IMG_4063Things were really coming together fast now, with swings & slides going in their final places. A truck-mounted crane was brought in, which enabled them to place a log & 2 more roof assemblies. I was paired with a guy, and together we extended a step to accommodate a widened entry. Next, I was tasked with cutting some accented supports for a roof. Once installed, they could remove a lot of bracing on the last roof assembly. IMG_4054

Saturday night I rested, while giving TBear some quality video game time with his dear old dad. Sunday morning I took him fishing, as I didn’t want to monopolize the entire weekend. His Mom and I delayed his pickup time, and he was able to attend the opening ceremony and potluck. I prepared a cucumber-onion salad, and soaked in the event. I knew it would never be so busy or pristine as that night, and it felt good to know I helped make it happen.

IMG_4075Thanks for tuning in, and until next time, I encourage you to do some volunteer work in your community!IMG_4093IMG_4062






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