Florence Coast or Bust!–Part 2

20170624_104544In part two, we try and make the best of our short time in Florence, Oregon.

Saturday broke crisp and moist. About a mile from the ocean, we could hear the dull roar, but were sheltered from its winds. I cooked up bacon and hashbrowns inside, while Birdy’s brother flipped pancakes outside. After a lazy start, we headed for the beach!20170624_105446

(I totally forgot to include our stop at a Geocache the day before. It was a short stretch break, and I didn’t take any pictures…)

Anyway, the Forest Service had signage, ropes, & personnel in full force. Apparently, there was a shore bird that nests in the area, so they protect it from March through September. However, there’s still plenty of beach available from the Siltcoos Day Use Area, which also offers OHV access for 4-wheelers, and other vehicles. That road spits them out a ways away, though, so there’s plenty of room for pedestrians too.

20170624_104907Marching up and over a small, grassy sand dune, the trail spills out on the beach. We marched past others to find an area to call our own. We selected a spot with some convenient driftwood logs for grown-ups to sit on.20170624_113329

The kids each made a try at sand castle building, but none persevered to a finished product. I imparted what wisdom I could. “Don’t build within range of the waves.” “Pack semi-wet sand, dry stuff doesn’t hold together.” I even built a multi-tier tower, topped with a drip-formed tip. In the end there was so much fun to be had that time couldn’t be focused on just one event.

20170624_134506We collected sea shells, made sand angels, climbed dunes to slide or roll back down (over and over). We ate a picnic lunch, chased waves, caught critters, buried TBear up to his neck, fished, threw clods of sand at the waves, sun bathed, & played until the sand got too hot for bare feet.

Grandma Nini (my mom) was supposed to join us, but I hadn’t heard from her. By 3 PM we were hot & tired, and after a stop at camp to rinse in our handy out-door utility shower, we headed to town. However, Nini had arrived by 3:48, so we found ourselves shortening the trip. We went to “Old Town” where the tourist-centered shops are. The streets were as tight as I remembered, but I found a spot even for my big truck. 20170624_133115

Walking down on the dock, we found Novelli’s Crab & Seafood. I didn’t check to see how their prices compared, as it was our first stop, and the kids so enjoyed the tank of live crab, I wanted to support them. We bought 2 crabs, and a large tub of their delicious crab chowder. Back on land, we perused some vendors who had tables setup in a make-shift market. TBear spent some of the money he’d earned on some cool rocks.

100_1232Birdy’s niece wasn’t feeling well, so her brother took them both back to camp. With Nini at camp, and others on the way, it was down to business. TBear and I streamed into a gift shop, while Birdy and the others headed for the taffy and ice cream parlor. I picked up our magnet souvenir, and TBear a glass fish for Nini’s Birthday present. We met up and got some expensive ice cream to cool us off.

Hopping in the truck, we left old town and stopped at a seafood market. While we waited in the truck, Birdy selected an assortment of steamer clams and oysters to compliment our crab. I got gas, forgot the wood I had paid for, came back for it, then boogied to camp. 20170624_161342

That night we made foil-packet bakes, with all the fixings. The guys tended the cooking, as Birdy took the kids swimming in the Siltcoos river that lapped at our campsite. She brought her stand-up paddle board, and they played late. I took a walk with my mom & enjoyed the sunset’s colors.

IMG_4551We ate our fill of seafood & smores before finally retiring around 11:30 that night. Our fun didn’t end there, though, so tune in for part 3, and enjoy the gallery!




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