My First ‘Fly-In’

IMG_4969Wallowa County is a small, rural, scenic place. This makes is a great spot to host a “fly-in” for aviators to gather and show off. Read on for my first experience.

The Wallowa County Fly In takes place in the spring and late summer. I had missed the spring show, but managed the one in August. Unfortunately, the wildfire smoke had choked us in for weeks, and some pilots had canceled. However, we had gotten a brief shower to clear the skies just a little.IMG_4977

It all starts at 7AM with a benefit breakfast for only $5. (It’s a good thing they serve until 10am, this is a summer Saturday after all.) We ate our pancakes, bacon, and eggs right on the field, surrounded by classic cars and aircraft!

After breakfast, we roamed the area of closed-off taxiway, gawking at all the cool aircraft. We didn’t see everything before the first demonstration started. The West Coast Ravens took to the skies in their “RV” airplanes. They showed off several formations for us, and some 20170812_091722neat maneuvers too.

Next up (in place of the canceled Corsair) was a 1930s plane. It didn’t set any speed records, but it was impressive to see the light, old bird do its thing. We got to hear from the owner, saying how the original pilots took shifts, and had to climb over the fuel tank.

Waiting for the next act, we kept exploring and Princess “earned her wings.” They had 3 kids activities, each earning you a set of wings you can pin on your shirt. First was the glider toss, where kids do the math to find out the glide ratio. Second was paper airplane crafting (they had several models). Third was taking a ride in the flight simulation trailer. By completing them all, she earned a free flight in a plane!

20170812_090941By this time, it had been a couple hours, and a child-sized revolt was brewing, so we called it a day. We didn’t get to see the P-51D performance, or the Corsair, so I’ll definitely return for the Spring edition next year.

Enjoy the photos!


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