Birthday Halloween Combo

IMG_5606As relatives already know, my birthday is only a few days from Halloween, so you’ll get a ‘two for one’ on today’s post!

TBear was coming for the weekend, so it started with a trip to “Wally World” to stock up and be silly. We started off my birthday sleeping in, with a nice leisurely breakfast. Next, we loaded and geared up to take a fall drive out into the woods for a Geocache!store

Personally, I like Geocaches that take you off the “beaten path” and help you discover some neat treasure, view, or experience that you might otherwise miss. This old homestead was no exception, and was right on a road with no fencing or trespassing signs to deter visitors. According to locals, it was rented out up until the 1970’s or so, and never did get electricity.

This homestead had it all, nearby timber, running creek leading down to a river, 3-4 bedrooms, pantry, living room, lots of natural light, etc. The detached root cellar was between the creek and house, so it may have once been cooled by the creek too. There must have been a spring box setup, but only the pipe remains, that once fed the house.

IMG_5610Alongside this aged beauty is the remains of an old truck, another vehicle frame, and a former shack with cook stove. Willows and cottonwoods surround the home, which is planted between a couple small valleys. The long drive with fall colors did my soul good, and we found the geocache without too much trouble.

That afternoon, Birdy & LilPil attended another birthday party, while TBear and I indulged in our video game, Elite Dangerous. That night, we went out to my favorite mexican restaurant, where I treated myself to a margarita! We relaxed to a movie before enjoying some dirt cake, andDinner opening presents.

TBear, Birdy, and I got our pumpkins carved before it was time to exchange kids. We had a sitter lined up, because a friend had invited us to join them for dinner. It was a grown-up Halloween buffet at a swanky restaurant. The food was fabulous, and Birdy and I went as vikings!

Halloween rolled around, and Birdy had to work late. Fortunately, we had pre-ordered a take ‘n’ bake pizza for dinner, so we polled the neighborhood for a while as it baked. Fishtrap (a non-profit focused on writing and literature) hosted events at IMG_5643their house. They had snacks, activities, and showcased some of the movies students were making in their digital storytelling program.

After scarfing their pizza (to maximize their trick-or-treat time) we hit the streets in earnest. Enterprise puts on a “trunk or treat” on main street, but it was over at 7pm, so we missed it. However, there were plenty of houses with lights on, and folks appreciated seeing the kids all dressed up. It was a clear night so (while chilly) the weather was better than many other years, when it has been known to snow.

For me, it was one of the most enjoyable birthday & Halloween celebration I had enjoyed in years. From our family to yours, we wish you all the joys of the world. Happy Halloween!


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