Trip to Treasure Island–The Play

IMG_5787In this edition, we travel over the hills and through the woods to see my son perform the lead role in a Missoula Children’s Theater production of Treasure Island!

It was early December, and cold enough to watch for road conditions. Snow & ice was coming and going, as is typical for this time of year. Tbear lives with his mother, who now lived over 3 hours away, so I allowed 4 to make room for a quick dinner before the curtain call at 6pm.

Despite the time of year, conditions were fair, and I was able to take my little car, save on gas, and travel mostly in day light. After leaving the interstate, we climbed through the fog to get a gorgeous sunset over Duley Duleysummit.

Having no complications, we arrived 45 minutes early. LilPill had an accident, so we went inside to use the bathroom. Much to our surprise, the show had already started! (Apparently, I was given the wrong time, so it’s a good thing I was too early.)

Missoula Children’s Theater travels the country, putting on productions at schools. They bring a planned production, sets, costumes, music, and include a couple college drama students to help run the show. For a small school with no music program, this was quite a blessing.

Despite being sick most the week, TBear did a fantastic job! There were many songs included, involving students of all ages. From little birds, to pirates, there was a job for everyone.

IMG_5848After the show, Santa stopped by with gift bags for all the kids, and they did a demonstration on how to fit that whole production into a single Chevy pickup! We had grabbed an early dinner, but most everyone else had planned on patronizing the one restaurant in town instead.

I had reserved a room in the local Motel/RV Park/Gas station/Café/ Mini-mart/Liquor store, so we went to check-in there. (Given our late check-in time, they left our room unlocked for us.) Later we would learn that most folks request a certain room as their favorite. We got #5, which invoked an inward gasp and recommendations from everyone else we met. It was clean & functional, but very small. Hey, for $55 a night, I couldn’t complain.

We decided to head down to the pub, to mix it up. We walked the short distance on foot, and enjoyed some beverages. We got to meet friends, their parents,IMG_5837 and even play some pool! It was a great time, and it felt good to put some faces with names. In the morning, we went to the Café for breakfast, and checked out. We drove by and checked out a nearby state park (for our next visit to the area) before hitting the road.

Santa met us (again) at Walmart the following day for some Christmas shopping. LilPill had no problem telling him she wanted a gingerbread house, just in case he forgot. Remote-parenting from 2 counties away is difficult, to say the least. I requires effort, time, money, but it’s also worth it.






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