Adventure in Imnaha

20180818_155646Join us for a risky day on the river!

We set out mid-morning after a customary weekend breakfast feast. Our first destination was everywhere, scouting locations for huckleberries. Yes, they exist, but the timing was poor. Instead, we were more interested in the exploded tree we found. We stopped there to have our tailgate bbq, and the boys explored around. In addition to seeing how far away the shreds could be found, it made a great prop for playing pretend!

We got to Indian Crossing around 1pm, hoping to catch the Imnaha river in the heat of the day. It can be rather cold, and we wanted to be sufficiently 20180818_130152motivated.

There’s a trailhead into the wilderness there, that stops in at a place called ‘Blue Hole.’ Located at a crook, there’s a decent pool to swim in, a beach, and even a short rock to jump off. I remembered the trail not being very far, but memories are tricky things. Turns out it’s about 2 miles from the trailhead. The foliage is narrow in spots, and carrying inner tubes the whole way was less than convenient.

The teenagers there warned us of the temperature, but we were in a hurry, so we plopped down our tubes and set off. The idea was that we’d walk up to Blue Hole, and ride the river back. Executing such a simple plan would prove 20180818_153920to be risky, fun, and exhausting.

It started off easy enough, and had several points that were nice. Most of the time, you were arching your back to keep your bum from being impaled on every boulder you pass. When you weren’t dragging bottom, you were shooting rapids amongst big boulders. Then there were the ‘Limbo Logs’ as we named them, where you try and go under the fallen tree.

20180818_161100TBear took his shirt off and tied it on, but the river took it. There were other trees we had to stop and climb over. One had algae which had dried into spiky flakes that stuck into our skin. Don’t forget the places where the current will take you through a bush, that’s fun too. Birdy lost her bottle, and I broke my sandal. There was just no appeasing the river that day.

Once the sun disappeared behind the trees and hill, Birdy had enough. She got out and walked back, which improved her body temperature greatly. Tbear, and friend, and I pushed through to the end. In the end, I can’t recommend it. It’s a bumpy, risky ride, and I’m positive there are other more enjoyable stretches to float.

Hope you’re enjoying the remainder of your summer. It’s August here, and we’re starting to get frost, so beware!20180818_162700


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