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If it involves sleeping in a bag, it belongs here.

A Mountain Man Proposal–Part 1

AnnouncementWe’d been looking forward to the next Rendezvous all year long, and this year I had a surprise for Birdy!

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A Mountain Man Proposal–Part 2


Saturday morning broke at 6am, to the sound (and feel) of cannon fire! This was the big day.

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Labor Day Weekend–a Grown-Up’s retreat

20170902_133210The summer schedule at work had accelerated by two weeks, the “before winter” to-do list was looming large after little attention, all the kids would be with their ‘co-parents’. It was time to pull the reset lever and head out for a quiet weekend, before school rules our life for another 9 months! A flea market in a gold-boomed ghost town sounded like just the ticket…

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Paintball Geek-out 2017

IMG_4645My kids were fighting like teenage siblings & it had been too long since I saw old friends, so it was time to sling some paint!

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Florence Coast or Bust!–Part 3

IMG_4600Read on for a few surprises on our return journey via Suttle Lake.

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Florence Coast or Bust!–Part 2

20170624_104544In part two, we try and make the best of our short time in Florence, Oregon.

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Florence Coast or Bust!–Part 1

20170624_104911Beach Trip! In the 13 years since I relocated to Eastern Oregon, I had never returned to see the Pacific Ocean. Read more for part 1 of our trip.

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Steaming Up Sumpter

IMG_4421On this adventure, we take the kids camping to ride an authentic wood-fired steam locomotive (& more) in the quaint area of Sumpter, Oregon.

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Wenaha Muzzleloaders Rendezvous–Part 2

IMG_3871In this installment, the fun continues, and you find out who wins!

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Wenaha Muzzleloaders Rendezvous–Part 1

IMG_3803It started with a purchase of some raffle tickets, which led to a camping trip. We went to spectate and ‘checkout’ this muzzleloader “mountain-man rendezvous” in Troy, Oregon. My experience surpassed all my expectations. Read on to see why…

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