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Spring Preparations

Summer is coming, are you ready? Time for another installment on all the projects that keep me productive… Continue reading


A Pine Box for Christmas

IMG_5906Every year, I attempt to make something for one of the kids’ Christmas presents. This year, I attempted a pine hope/memory box, using a Japanese Toolbox design…

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Kick-sled & Decking the Halls

IMG_5728Join me and the kids, as we construct a kick sled, and prepare for Christmas!

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Building Community–with a Playground–Part 2

20170428_142524Friday & Saturday the fun continues as I work on a new teams, & through Family night!

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Building Community–with a Playground–Part 1

20170427_151645In this post, I recall my participation as a volunteer for a sliver of the 3,500+ hours it took to build the City of Joseph’s new playground.

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An Eager Easter

IMG_3741In addition to holiday festivities, I get a jump on some to-do’s…

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ECX Sled Dog Race 2017 – Part 1

IMG_3248As long-time readers may know, I’ve been volunteering for a sled dog race for the past couple years. This year, I was determined to be more prepared, but things don’t always go according to plan…

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A DIY Christmas Poem

IMG_2943Twas the day before Christmas Eve and in my kitchen at home, lay the remnants of a faucet, pretending to be chrome.

Camper PT– back on its feet

IMG_0691With the jacks tearing out, the truck breaking down, and the bathroom project, my poor camper has been neglected. It was time for the camper to get some love too…

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 10

IMG_2247In this installment, things start to take shape when bathroom #1 becomes fully operational!

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