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Choir Camp 2016

IMG_1663I almost didn’t go this year, but am glad I did…

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This one time, at Choir Camp…

P8080056You may be thinking, “Choir Camp doesn’t really sound that exciting,” and in some ways you’d be right. This camp may not be jam-packed with activities that’ll knock my socks off, but that’s why I like it. Sure, I come to sing, but that’s never what I remember most…

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Choir Camp 2012

IMG_4235Wow, where to begin… this year’s choir camp was (as last year) as fun as it was tiring. I signed up for less workshops this year, though, and was able to relax more and spend a little time with a guitar instead. Over 72 hours, 40+ people harmonized 10 pieces and performed their other talents while getting some down-home fellowship in beautiful Wallowa County…

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Easter Time 2012

IMG_2120As many Christians can relate, Easter isn’t all about bunnies, eggs, & chocolate. Here’s how we kicked it off this year…

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“Hi, I’m Josh, and I’m a coward.”

It sure is ironic that I publicly declare myself a coward on the World-Wide-Web, as that statement (in one way) proclaims the opposite. But seriously, hear me out… Continue reading

A Home-made Weekend

IMG_1908From bread, mayo, & meals for others, this Saturday was a truly blessed day…

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Hanging the greens

IMG_1252With Thanksgiving over, it’s time to embrace the Christmas spirit, and nothing kicks it off like “the Hanging of the Greens.”

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Painting the Church

IMG_0804Since 1885/86ish (depending who you ask) the Lostine Presbyterian Church has been sheltering its congregation, today I gave back by helping give it a fresh coat of paint…

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Choir Camp 2011

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Never had a chance to wear out my from singing before, but it was the ‘good’ kind of tired…

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Change, it’s inevitable… almost.

Why are so many hesitant to change? Heck some fight every change like they’re battling a wildfire… Here’s some recent examples from my life…

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