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Birdy’s Birthday Bonanza

IMG_6411Join us for another post, where we search for Fossils, and journey to see family!

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Gaming Guillotine


Long-time readers may already be aware that the kids and I like board games. I start them young with Candyland, I taught QueenMarie Chess when she was five, you could say we’re a bit geeky. However, when Birdy moved her games in, they started to over run the place. The following is our solution to managing all the fun-makers…

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Therapeutic Thanksgiving

IMG_2505Today’s (over due) post is less about reviewing a day spa, and more of an acknowledgement. Once in a while, you need to get out of town, break your routines, and enjoy a visit with family…

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Of Family Games

IMG_0293Today I discuss games. Not the political or dramatic sort, but the practice of spending time with loved ones. We play a lot of games in my home, so I thought I’d review some new additions we got for Christmas.

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The Birthday Choice

IMG_7010My daughter had a birthday coming up, and I gave her a choice. Would she rather have an adventure, or the traditional presents & cake? She chose an adventure (of course) which is the whole purpose of this post. What she wanted (more than anything) was to visit a zoo & so we did!

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Making Fun… out of boredom

IMG_6546As often is the case, I’m at home, with my kids, and they’re bored. One fact that I’m intimately familiar with, is that a child’s imagination is more active with less stimulus. Thus, if you leave a kid bored long enough, they’ll find something entertaining, and not wish to stop. (My fondest childhood memories came from pure boredom, BB + empty parking lot= hours of fun.) Today, I joined the kids in their not-so-boredom…

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Getting Lost… In Minecraft

imageOk, been sick for a few days. After catching up on dishes and groceries, I figured I’d let you in on some of my therapy. (Sans a pitcher of orange juice) I felt worse if I exerted myself, and my mind was incapable of higher-level thinking, so how does one find high-quality entertainment that doesn’t require either ability? Enter Minecraft….


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Sac Noir (Black Sack)

IMG_6452A few have asked, so I thought I’d explain this game called Sac Noir. There are many ways to play that keep it exciting, but the premise is that you’re trying to stack these impossible-looking blocks. It forces you to think creatively, and you end up surprising yourself and others as you try to stack the:

Christmas Tree, poo pile, ear plug, golf tee, egg, cup, ball, etc.

You have to pick pieces in order, ahead of time, but beware, others can steal your pieces, messing up even the most carefully-laid plans. Red objects are harder, so stacking them earns you a bean that you can use to use a piece out of order.

It’s hard to believe, but this is one of my favorite all-time games, hands-down. If you want to try it out, there’s a cheaper version is called Bausack, which runs about $50, whereas you can expect to pay $90 for the 100 piece gem that my friend owns…