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A Mountain Man Proposal–Part 1

AnnouncementWe’d been looking forward to the next Rendezvous all year long, and this year I had a surprise for Birdy!

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A Mountain Man Proposal–Part 2


Saturday morning broke at 6am, to the sound (and feel) of cannon fire! This was the big day.

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Birdy’s Birthday Bonanza

IMG_6411Join us for another post, where we search for Fossils, and journey to see family!

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2018 ECX Sled Dog Race–Part 3: Second Race Day

IMG_6172Join me in this post, for another race day in the snowy Wallowa Mountains!

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2018 ECX Sled Dog Race–Part 2: Race Day

IMG_6112I almost forgot the best part of Wednesday, the musher’s potluck!

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A Pine Box for Christmas

IMG_5906Every year, I attempt to make something for one of the kids’ Christmas presents. This year, I attempted a pine hope/memory box, using a Japanese Toolbox design…

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Kick-sled & Decking the Halls

IMG_5728Join me and the kids, as we construct a kick sled, and prepare for Christmas!

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Trip to Treasure Island–The Play

IMG_5787In this edition, we travel over the hills and through the woods to see my son perform the lead role in a Missoula Children’s Theater production of Treasure Island!

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Birthday Halloween Combo

IMG_5606As relatives already know, my birthday is only a few days from Halloween, so you’ll get a ‘two for one’ on today’s post!

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My First ‘Fly-In’

IMG_4969Wallowa County is a small, rural, scenic place. This makes is a great spot to host a “fly-in” for aviators to gather and show off. Read on for my first experience.

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