Walking on Ice

IMG_3287Every few years, it gets cold enough, long enough for Wallowa lake to freeze over. It had been 4 or so years, so I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste!

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Gaming Guillotine


Long-time readers may already be aware that the kids and I like board games. I start them young with Candyland, I taught QueenMarie Chess when she was five, you could say we’re a bit geeky. However, when Birdy moved her games in, they started to over run the place. The following is our solution to managing all the fun-makers…

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ECX Sled Dog Race 2017–Part 2


IMG_3268_thumb[11]RACE DAY 2:

With the freshly-graded road to Salt Creek Summit, I felt okay taking my little Ford Focus for the day, and showed up for a normal shift of noon-8pm. That morning I had a lazy breakfast after Birdy & kids had all gone to school & work. Over scrambled eggs, I went through the times I had jotted down, to determine the fastest and slowest times to & from my checkpoint. This will give me an idea of when to expect the mushers, so we don’t have to stand at the trail all day & night.IMG_3272_thumb[1] (I could ask Race Central to warn me of their approach too, but that’s not as fun.)

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ECX Sled Dog Race 2017 – Part 1

IMG_3248As long-time readers may know, I’ve been volunteering for a sled dog race for the past couple years. This year, I was determined to be more prepared, but things don’t always go according to plan…

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Christmas Time 2016

IMG_2874I’m catching up from the holidays now, so keep reading for our Christmas experience… and some lessons learned.

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A DIY Christmas Poem

IMG_2943Twas the day before Christmas Eve and in my kitchen at home, lay the remnants of a faucet, pretending to be chrome.

Winterfest 2016

IMG_2647In this installment we deck our halls, enjoying the winter festivities around us. From snowy parades to unicycles, you’ll find we have plenty to do!

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Therapeutic Thanksgiving

IMG_2505Today’s (over due) post is less about reviewing a day spa, and more of an acknowledgement. Once in a while, you need to get out of town, break your routines, and enjoy a visit with family…

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Dating & Kids: Joining Households – Part 2

Are your families ready to merge? Read on to see how we approached the subject and process of moving in together… Continue reading

Dating & Kids: Joining Households – Part 1

How soon is too soon? How long do you wait? Should other steps come first?
While each couple must answer for themselves, here are some indicators that worked for us… Continue reading