An Eager Easter

IMG_3741In addition to holiday festivities, I get a jump on some to-do’s…

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Spring Break Fun and a new RV

20170330_201250Join me as I recall our Spring Break adventure to Boise & back, catching the sights and a new RV.

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Braving Boise–Part 2

IMG_3456Click on for part two, where we take in the sights of Boise, and I experience some first-ever shopping opportunities…

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Braving Boise–Part 1

IMG_3343In this installment, we make the most of a trip to a big city by taking in the amenities of Boise, Idaho.

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Walking on Ice

IMG_3287Every few years, it gets cold enough, long enough for Wallowa lake to freeze over. It had been 4 or so years, so I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste!

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Gaming Guillotine


Long-time readers may already be aware that the kids and I like board games. I start them young with Candyland, I taught QueenMarie Chess when she was five, you could say we’re a bit geeky. However, when Birdy moved her games in, they started to over run the place. The following is our solution to managing all the fun-makers…

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ECX Sled Dog Race 2017–Part 2


IMG_3268_thumb[11]RACE DAY 2:

With the freshly-graded road to Salt Creek Summit, I felt okay taking my little Ford Focus for the day, and showed up for a normal shift of noon-8pm. That morning I had a lazy breakfast after Birdy & kids had all gone to school & work. Over scrambled eggs, I went through the times I had jotted down, to determine the fastest and slowest times to & from my checkpoint. This will give me an idea of when to expect the mushers, so we don’t have to stand at the trail all day & night.IMG_3272_thumb[1] (I could ask Race Central to warn me of their approach too, but that’s not as fun.)

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ECX Sled Dog Race 2017 – Part 1

IMG_3248As long-time readers may know, I’ve been volunteering for a sled dog race for the past couple years. This year, I was determined to be more prepared, but things don’t always go according to plan…

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Christmas Time 2016

IMG_2874I’m catching up from the holidays now, so keep reading for our Christmas experience… and some lessons learned.

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A DIY Christmas Poem

IMG_2943Twas the day before Christmas Eve and in my kitchen at home, lay the remnants of a faucet, pretending to be chrome.