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Camping & a Birthday

20180528_100429Join us on another adventure camping out in Wallowa County, fishing, seeing sights, and celebrating TBear’s Birthday…

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Birthday Halloween Combo

IMG_5606As relatives already know, my birthday is only a few days from Halloween, so you’ll get a ‘two for one’ on today’s post!

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Spring Fishing & Birthday

IMG_0412Ah, it’s spring time and the ponds are starting to turn with fish, ripe for the catching! (Thanks to ODF&W) In our family, this is one of our main spring past times, as there are still patches of snow that impede access to other locations. It also means a birthday for a certain someone…

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The Pinata

As some of you may know, my son requested a Transformers piñata for his birthday. The following is an account of trying to meet that request…

Warning: It is lengthy and full of pictures!

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