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Camping & a Birthday

20180528_100429Join us on another adventure camping out in Wallowa County, fishing, seeing sights, and celebrating TBear’s Birthday…

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Familourism: Be a tourist with your Family

IMG_4110Read on as I blog of my brother’s visit to Wallowa County. I’ll play guide as we hike to waterfalls, visit Buckhorn Overlook, throw a birthday party, and take in the sights.

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A Forced Hurrah

IMG_1350I’m sure we’ve all struggled (at some time or another) to get someone to do what we think is in their best interest. Heck, as a parent, that’s practically our job description! Continue after the break, to hear about my latest bout, where I drugged my kids. I’ll drag them to the library, camping, sight-seeing… Ugh! Can’t a kid just be left alone to their Wi-Fi?… No.

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Re-Birthday Camping Trip

IMG_2775For his birthday, my (now 7 year-old) son wanted to go camping. As he spent his birthday weekend with his mom and family, we designated this as his “re-birthday” weekend, and set off for a grand adventure….

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