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Spring Break Fun and a new RV

20170330_201250Join me as I recall our Spring Break adventure to Boise & back, catching the sights and a new RV.

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Camper PT– back on its feet

IMG_0691With the jacks tearing out, the truck breaking down, and the bathroom project, my poor camper has been neglected. It was time for the camper to get some love too…

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Knocking out the ToDo’s

IMG_5950With our summer vacation looming large, we took advantage of the holiday to get the camper ready. We took a healthy bite out of our list with a solar install, fridge maintenance, wiring, shower, & chainsaw mill assembly…

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Sumpter Trip 2011

What follows is an account of our 3-day camping trip to Sumpter, OR. It was the maiden voyage for my camper, as well as my first camping trip as a single Dad.

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Jack Bracket, Part II

IMG_6544Well, here’s the bit of progress I made today… It was hard to get far, what with meals, card games, building a Lego starship, and generally goofing off with the kids. Heck, if you throw in chores, the DIY was only a small blip on today’s schedule, but it’s not really my top priority Winking smile

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More Wind Damage…


Well, I was just too fortunate the first time, when it got tipped over. That must have loosened this window pane which giggled out in theIMG_6522 last wind storm.

I plugged the whole with cardboard as a temporary fix, which held during the next gusty ‘bout that we got.

This last weekend we went down to our friendly Joseph Hardware and though they tried, they couldn’t get glass to cut nicely for such a small size. I opted for Plexiglass which is light, crystal clear, and so affordable, I got a spare pane. Can’t hardly tell the difference now!

Camper Inspection, Install Converter


As the excitement wears off, I learn a lot about my 1968 camper. It was made by “Westernaire” in Salem, Oregon. (Can’t find ANY information about them.) It has all propane stove, lantern, and catalytic heater. I’m totally fine with the fridge being an icebox, a few lights not working, and the lack of a toilet, but there was something else I wasn’t expecting…

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