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Kick-sled & Decking the Halls

IMG_5728Join me and the kids, as we construct a kick sled, and prepare for Christmas!

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Christmas Time 2016

IMG_2874I’m catching up from the holidays now, so keep reading for our Christmas experience… and some lessons learned.

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A DIY Christmas Poem

IMG_2943Twas the day before Christmas Eve and in my kitchen at home, lay the remnants of a faucet, pretending to be chrome.

Winterfest 2016

IMG_2647In this installment we deck our halls, enjoying the winter festivities around us. From snowy parades to unicycles, you’ll find we have plenty to do!

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Farewell 2015!

IMG_1165The last month has been such a blur, I forgot to blog about it! To finish off the year, what follows is the remainder of our Christmas season.

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Christmas Time is Here!

IMG_2364As a divorced parent, I only get every OTHER year to spend each holiday with the kids. As such, I try twice as hard to make them special.

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Christmas Catch-Up

IMG_5120As my few loyal followers have reminded me, it’s been sometime since I blogged last leaving them wondering, “how was Christmas?” Why now, or at all, you ask?

Cuz I gotta…

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Lookin’ Like Christmas

IMG_4907While this probably isn’t of much interest for the general public, read on to see what Christmas time brings to my little family…

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Homemade Christmas tokens

This year, being on a stringent budget, I looked for ways to economically spread Christmas cheer to those I love. The following is how I chose to tackle that challenge…

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Christmas 2011

IMG_1398My ex-wife was scheduled to have the children for the first half of winter break, all 3 days. However, she had to work 2 of them, so she picked them up on Christmas Eve. As I had burned my vacation earlier this fall, I was in need of a babysitter. Luckily my Mom (Grandma Nini) offered to come for a week and offer her assistance.

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