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An Eager Easter

IMG_3741In addition to holiday festivities, I get a jump on some to-do’s…

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A DIY Christmas Poem

IMG_2943Twas the day before Christmas Eve and in my kitchen at home, lay the remnants of a faucet, pretending to be chrome.

Bathroom Remodel–Part 8

IMG_1188Behind schedule now, I’m pausing less to take pictures to focus on the task at hand. Read on & I’ll catch you up on the last month of progress…

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 6

IMG_0991In this installment, I do battle with some cast iron pipe, finish most of the electrical, and tear into another wall!

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 4


In this update, I demolish an old chimney, and my plumbing parts come in! Continue reading

Bathroom Remodel–Part 3

IMG_0429In part 3, I “divide and conquer” by constructing new stuff!IMG_0430

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 2

IMG_2602Demolition gets underway in part two…

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 1


While this may be the first of several posts regarding my bathroom remodel, there’ll be other happenings thrown in too, so don’t miss out!

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Another “Fix It” Weekend!

IMG_2544The kids’ visit was cancelled unexpectedly, so I took the opportunity to get some stuff done!

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My Quest for Ham… Part 2

IMG_2197It’s the “big one,” the Cascadia Subduction Zone has finally unleashed its fury with a 9.0 quake! Not really, but I got to see what it might be like if it had…

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