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Bathroom Remodel–Part 6

IMG_0991In this installment, I do battle with some cast iron pipe, finish most of the electrical, and tear into another wall!

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Bathroom Remodel–Part 3

IMG_0429In part 3, I “divide and conquer” by constructing new stuff!IMG_0430

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DIY Electrical–Part 2

IMG_1686Well, it’s taken a little longer than anticipated (doesn’t everything?) but I’ve completed my electrical upgrade! Read on for details…

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DIY Electrical–Part 1

IMG_1087After buying my house a year ago, I had determined that I should tackle one major task/upgrade per year. I can continue ‘little’ things in the meantime, but this sets a pace for myself so I don’t get too discouraged. Continue after the break, for the start of this year’s upgrade: electricity.

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