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Crazy Coast Trip–Part 1

20180810_122323It’s been a whirlwind adventure, and I’m settling back in at home, so let’s recall this summer’s biggest vacation trip!

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Florence Coast or Bust!–Part 3

IMG_4600Read on for a few surprises on our return journey via Suttle Lake.

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Dad’s Weekend Off: July 2012

IMG_3233If you don’t already know, I’m a single (IE divorced) Dad. I was fortunate enough to work out an agreement with the kids’ Mom that I get them all weekends except one per month. This gives her a chance to do weekend stuff with them, and allows me one weekend to do grown-up things. This weekend I had a few things in store to be sure I didn’t get idle. In the end, my ambition was a bit much for my body….

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Runnin’ the Ruts

It’s the first stretch of nice sunny days for the season, I should be mowing the lawn, but what do I do? I take a 200+ mile detour to see ruts of the original Oregon Trail…

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