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Wenaha Muzzleloaders Rendezvous–Part 1

IMG_3803It started with a purchase of some raffle tickets, which led to a camping trip. We went to spectate and ‘checkout’ this muzzleloader “mountain-man rendezvous” in Troy, Oregon. My experience surpassed all my expectations. Read on to see why…

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A Forced Hurrah

IMG_1350I’m sure we’ve all struggled (at some time or another) to get someone to do what we think is in their best interest. Heck, as a parent, that’s practically our job description! Continue after the break, to hear about my latest bout, where I drugged my kids. I’ll drag them to the library, camping, sight-seeing… Ugh! Can’t a kid just be left alone to their Wi-Fi?… No.

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Family & HS Reunion Trip

IMG_0677Your 10-year high school reunion… are you sure you wanna go? Me either, but it was grand with some great family time to top it off! You have to read more for the pictures Winking smile

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Runnin’ the Ruts

It’s the first stretch of nice sunny days for the season, I should be mowing the lawn, but what do I do? I take a 200+ mile detour to see ruts of the original Oregon Trail…

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First Geocaching trip

In case you don’t know, Geocaching is the sport of searching for hidden treasure caches around the world. Here’s our first foray…

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The Pinata

As some of you may know, my son requested a Transformers piñata for his birthday. The following is an account of trying to meet that request…

Warning: It is lengthy and full of pictures!

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Kid Sanity for under $20 / month…

IMG_6551Recently, when speaking with another parent I mentioned (as I often do), “I have a point system for that.” Their response was, “So how does it work?” Hence, this post.

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