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Florence Coast or Bust!–Part 3

IMG_4600Read on for a few surprises on our return journey via Suttle Lake.

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Florence Coast or Bust!–Part 1

20170624_104911Beach Trip! In the 13 years since I relocated to Eastern Oregon, I had never returned to see the Pacific Ocean. Read more for part 1 of our trip.

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Familourism: Be a tourist with your Family

IMG_4110Read on as I blog of my brother’s visit to Wallowa County. I’ll play guide as we hike to waterfalls, visit Buckhorn Overlook, throw a birthday party, and take in the sights.

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Walking on Ice

IMG_3287Every few years, it gets cold enough, long enough for Wallowa lake to freeze over. It had been 4 or so years, so I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste!

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Summer is here again…

IMG_0864Join me this installment, where do some fishing, and try out a new watersport… kayaking!

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A Photo Expedition

IMG_0144This weekend we made sure to charge all the cameras, and empty their storage, as we ventured out for some winter photography…

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