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2018 ECX Sled Dog Race–Part 3: Second Race Day

IMG_6172Join me in this post, for another race day in the snowy Wallowa Mountains!

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I can hear California now! (Ham Radio Upgrades)

IMG_2273Readers from a year ago may remember that I temporarily hung my first HF antenna from the eave of my house. In this installment, I take my setup to the next level… (Don’t worry, it’s not technical…)

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ECX Sled Dog Race–Part 1

IMG_1605Why volunteer at a sled dog race? Find out, as I tell you about this year’s experience at the EagleCap Extreme (ECX) Sled Dog Race!

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My Quest for Ham… Part 2

IMG_2197It’s the “big one,” the Cascadia Subduction Zone has finally unleashed its fury with a 9.0 quake! Not really, but I got to see what it might be like if it had…

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My Quest for Ham… Part 1

IMG_4114In today’s post I’m not talking about recipes or pork, but Amateur Radio. Many refer to anyone operating these radios as “Hams.” My story starts with a tree that knocks some sense into me…

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Bowlby Bash & Derby 2013

It was a long, 3-day weekend, and I was determined to make the most of it. I think I made too much of it, but that’s what life is all about, right?

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