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Adventure in Imnaha

20180818_155646Join us for a risky day on the river!

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A Mountain Man Proposal–Part 1

AnnouncementWe’d been looking forward to the next Rendezvous all year long, and this year I had a surprise for Birdy!

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A Mountain Man Proposal–Part 2


Saturday morning broke at 6am, to the sound (and feel) of cannon fire! This was the big day.

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My First ‘Fly-In’

IMG_4969Wallowa County is a small, rural, scenic place. This makes is a great spot to host a “fly-in” for aviators to gather and show off. Read on for my first experience.

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Walking on Ice

IMG_3287Every few years, it gets cold enough, long enough for Wallowa lake to freeze over. It had been 4 or so years, so I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste!

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Summer is here again…

IMG_0864Join me this installment, where do some fishing, and try out a new watersport… kayaking!

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A Photo Expedition

IMG_0144This weekend we made sure to charge all the cameras, and empty their storage, as we ventured out for some winter photography…

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A Forced Hurrah

IMG_1350I’m sure we’ve all struggled (at some time or another) to get someone to do what we think is in their best interest. Heck, as a parent, that’s practically our job description! Continue after the break, to hear about my latest bout, where I drugged my kids. I’ll drag them to the library, camping, sight-seeing… Ugh! Can’t a kid just be left alone to their Wi-Fi?… No.

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Dad’s Weekend Off: July 2012

IMG_3233If you don’t already know, I’m a single (IE divorced) Dad. I was fortunate enough to work out an agreement with the kids’ Mom that I get them all weekends except one per month. This gives her a chance to do weekend stuff with them, and allows me one weekend to do grown-up things. This weekend I had a few things in store to be sure I didn’t get idle. In the end, my ambition was a bit much for my body….

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